Amsterdam Red Light District – Everything you want to know

Travel couple photography in Amsterdam - by @danandnatty

Here’s the scoop on everything you want to know about prostitution in Amsterdam but were too shy to ask.


The Netherlands is beautiful country filled with gorgeous farm land, delicious pancakes, flower fields that go on as far as the eye can see and legal prostitution, and of course legal recreational drug use; but that’s not why we are here. After visiting Amsterdam recently I couldn’t help but wonder about the business of prostitution and how it all works. I became fascinated with the business and had so many questions that I was itching to find answers to.


So I did what any former student would do, I put on my research hat and got to work finding out everything I could about the industry. Check out the Q&A below if you too want to learn about the infamous window workers.


Q: How many windows are there in Amsterdam?

A: There are around 400 windows in Amsterdam, although there used be a lot more in the city. The number decreases every year.


Q: Can I go visit the Red Light District?

A: Yes anyone can go visit the Red Light District of Amsterdam. The Red Light District, also referred to as De Wallen is the medieval city center area of Amsterdam. It features narrow streets, bars, coffee shops and of course the city’s famous prostitutes. The map below indicates the red light district in proximity to other parts of the city.

Q: How much do services cost?

A: Services typically begin at 50 Euros from anywhere to 15-30 minutes.


Q: How to I go about obtaining a service?

A: If you’re ready for some hands on experience simply walk to a window of your choosing knock, wave, say hello and go on in. Many girls will try and grab your attention as you walk by the street by banging in the windows, teasing the door open or just flat out grabbing people (I’ve only seen men) off the street and pulling them into their room.


Q: Why do some of the windows have blue light instead of red?

A: The blue light indicates a non biologically female girl. This could mean someone who is trans, male, alien, you name it. Fun fact: many years ago there were more men working the windows of the red light district, but they quickly all quit because they couldn’t handle the stress of being a window girl. Power to the ladies!


Q: What services are available?

A: Anything you are able to negotiate is fair game. Good luck, and have fun.


Q: How does one go about obtaining a window?

A: If you want to work in one of the windows as a prostitute you first need to be legally registered as a company in the country of Holland so that you can legally pay taxes. When you have all the legalities sorted out, you’re ready to start working. Brothels will typically have vacancy flyers posted on empty window so you know who to contact.


Q: Can I take photos and/or video in the Red Light District?

A: No. Photos and video are prohibited. There are no photography signs posted all over the district and if I were you I would oblige, nothing like a run in with an angry pimp to ruin your holiday.


Q: Can I just go in and talk to the girls?

A: Yes, the girls will gladly take your money for a conversation. But be advised the rates are typically the same as for a service.


Q: What is the best time of day to go to see the most action in the Red Light District?

A: When the sun goes down, the lights go on. Although there are some girls working throughout the day, you will have a bigger selection when window shopping at night.


Q: Is there anything else to do in Red Light District besides prostitution?

A: Definitely. De Wallen features great bars, restaurants, beautiful architecture and world famous coffee shops (that’s a whole other post 😜)


Q: Is it safe?

A: The streets are very safe anytime of day. Amsterdam has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. As long as you are respectful and don’t get in trouble with one of the pimps you are perfectly safe.


Enjoy and have fun!




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