Best Travel Apps to Help You Travel Better

Best travel apps to help you travel better

We love getting a good deal, the sale isle is always our favorite isle (except for food, we firmly believe it good nutrition… more on that later). So when it comes to booking travel we believe that you don’t have to break the bank to get to see the world. Below is our list for the apps and sites that we use to book our travel deals.


Why we love it: let’s you see hidden flights. Say you want to book a flight from NYC to Madrid, Spain. When you search skiplagged not only will you see the typical flight but you will also see flights with Madrid as the layover city, say for example a flight from NYC to Lisbon with a layover in Madrid. So, if that flight is cheaper (which in some cases it is) you can book that flight and just simply never board the flight to Lisbon. Warning, this only works when you travel with a carry-on because your checked bag always automatically goes to your final destination, in this case it would be Portugal. Another great thing about this app is that it lets you “like” a flight search and set an alert for when that flight reaches your desired price point or below.


Skyscanner is another awesome travel app. It rates flights for you and let’s you know if this is the cheapest option so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal. Another fun feature of the app is you can set a departing airport and your desired travel dates and choose a destination of anywhere, that way you can see the cheapest flight to any destination. It’s a fun way to have a surprise trip to a destination that you might not have considered.


Hopper is another one of our go to apps. The little bunny notifies you when a flight you’re interested goes down and is at its ideal price so you can hop on and book it.

Google Flights

The last flight searcher tool that we use constantly is Google Flights. This awesome feature in good does a great job searching the internet and spitting out the best prices for your travel itinerary from various sites like Kayak, Expedia, Orbitz and individual airline sites. One of our favorite features in google flights is the ability to search multi city itineraries. We use this features often because we are always bopping around different cities when we travel.


Airbnb is an obvious choice for travel booking. Dan and I typically opt for renting out an entire place, we’re still not keen on the idea of being in someone’s house while they are also there. Another great perk to staying at an Airbnb is that you can pick your hosts brain about places to see and go, you can discover local restaurant and bars that you would have otherwise not stumbled upon. isn’t always the cheapest hotels booking site out there. But when you sign up for their free rewards program, which we highly recommend, you can get a free night stay at any hotel for every 10 nights you book.

We love finding hotels on this site. They have the best collection of small boutique hotels (our favorite) with amazing prices.


We love using viator to book excursions and tours in new cities. This app was a lifesaver when we went to Rome. If you love learning about history and culture of a city or a landmark, Viator is the best app to find awesome affordable tours.


Thanks so much for reading about our favorite apps we use for travel. If you have any questions or favorite apps of your own please share them below. We love trying out new tools to get the most out of our travel.

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